Richard Green maintains a high profile career in the low profile voice-over business with clients ranging from Coca Cola to Call of Duty (see CLIENTS).

He is a graduate of California Institute of the Arts. During his time at CalArts he studied acting and directing with Robert Benedetti, Lewis Palter and Gil Dennis.  He also studied film with Alexander McKendrick, directing two shorts and subsequently attended NYU Graduate Film School.  He left to work for the New York Shakespeare Festival / Public Theater on the staff of script development and acted in Shakespeare in the Park at the Delacorte Theater, Central Park.

 As a musician/composer he has performed all over the world working with a wide array of internationally known jazz and rock artists and arrangers. His songs and compositions have been featured in movies, TV and commercials

 As an actor he has appeared in a many films and television programs including The West Wing and as the Magician in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive

 His writing/directing credits include feature films, theater, commercials and episodic television.

 He is the executive producer of David Lynch presents I Don’t Know Jack - a documentary about the unsolved life and homicide of Jack Nance, star of Eraserhead.

 He made his feature film directing debut with the Next Step Studios production:                                  7 Year ZigZag…a true story told entirely in rhyme and swing.

 Richard Green began his career improvising verse on the streets of San Francisco where he co-founded Theater of Marvels with John Achorn, Donna Du Bain, Cab Covay and Diana Perry. 

 He is the founder and president of History of Cool and managing director of Next Step Studios.